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Student Policy Guide


On-Campus courses of CSTI are held on specified Monday evenings from 7:00 PM to 10:15 PM, at South Bay Pentecostal Church facility, 395 "D" Street, Chula Vista. Each night consists of four classes, each 45 minutes in duration, which must start and end precisely on time, with a 15 minute break between classes #2 & #3. There are no refreshments provided by CSTI. Bring your own snacks. The classes are scheduled as follows:

Class #1           7:00 - 7:45.

Class #2           7:45 - 8:30.

Break  8:30 - 8:45.

Class #3           8:45 - 9:30.

Class #4           9:30 - 10:15.

Classes are held throughout the school year (September - May), which is divided into trimesters. Each trimester consists of eleven class nights (9 = lessons; 1 = review; 1 = test). Students will be provided with a schedule of these Monday-night sessions at the beginning of each trimester.

Students may now enroll via the CSTI web site ( OR (, and may enroll as an On-campus student or a Distance-enrollee (internet enrollee).

STUDENT DRESS CODE: Students are expected to dress and groom in a manner which is modest, moderate, and appropriate, in keeping with a proper Bible School environment.

  • MODEST: Clothing must be modest, not revealing or immodestly exposing the body, in accordance with the holiness standards set forth in the UPC manual. Ladies, please abstain from wearing jewelry or makeup or slacks.
  • MODERATE: Men are to be well groomed (hair cut above collars and ears).
  • APPROPRIATE: Men must wear full-length trousers, and shirts with collars (nothing so casual as sandals, sweat pants, or tee-shirts).

ENROLLMENT & TUITION POLICY: Students may only be admitted on the basis of their pastor's recommendation, via the Enrollment Agreement signed by the pastor. Said agreement must be signed by the pastor only once a year, upon the first trimester of a student's enrolling. The Agreement, though it need be submitted each trimester, need not again be signed by the pastor. A pastor may withdraw his sponsorship in writing at any time.

Fee Schedule:

  • Enrollment Fee: $25.00 (Due only once a year).
  • On-Campus Tuition: $100.00 (Due each trimester).
  • Off-Campus (internet) Tuition: $140.00 (Due each trimester).
    • Internet students may come to campus whenever they want. Best of both worlds.
  • Alumni Enrollment: No cost whatsoever, forever.
  • Make-up Course Enrollment ($60 per course; no enrollment fee).
  • Make-up a full trimester ($150 plus the enrollment fee).

Enrollment Timeframes: The timeframes for enrollment are as follows:

  • Weeks one and two shall be the normal enrollment nights and normal fees due.
  • Week three shall be a “late enrollment opportunity”, with a late fee of $20.00. This is the final week of enrollment.
  • Enrollment is then closed - no enrollment shall be allowed after week 3.

Fee Refund: Refund of tuition fees shall be pro-rated from the date of written notice of withdrawal for 75% of the remaining classes in the trimester. No refund of any Enrollment fee shall be rendered.

TEST/MAKE-UP TESTS POLICY: All students will be required to test with their class on the scheduled test day. If a student cannot take a test at the scheduled time due to an emergency and needs to make it up, arrangements for a make-up date must be made with the CSTI Secretary no later than that scheduled test night. If you call the next day, after having already missed the test, you will not be allowed to make up the test. The make-up test must be taken, by appointment, during the coming calendar week. No make up tests will be given unless authorization is granted in advance by the CSTI Secretary. Individual course teachers cannot authorize or arrange make-up tests. Please contact the Secretary, not the teacher. A fee of $5.00 per test will be charged.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: Attendance standards are enforced for the on-campus enrollees. A student will be dropped if he exceeds 3 absences in a trimester. This of course does not apply to the distance learner enrollee. If a student feels a special exception is warranted, appeal is possible to the CSTI Executive Committee. Each student is responsible to ‘validate their presence' by signing in each night. There is no such thing as “an excused absence.”

ACADEMIC STANDARDS: The grading scale is as follows:

  • 94 - 100           A (High Honors)
  • 87 - 93.9          B (Honors)
  • 79 - 86.9          C
  • 70 - 78.9          D
  • Below 70         F (No Credit)

CLASS STANDING: Class standing and honors designations will be determined on a percentage score basis. The VALEDICTORIAN and the SALUTATORIAN must come from students who have taken all their tests at the Chula Vista campus. These two awards will no longer be in place after June, 2019.



  • Must successfully complete any 24 courses with an overall passing average.
  • NO BREAD credit is required


  • Must complete all 48 of the classes offered.
  • Successfully pass at least 40 of the classes, and accomplish a passing GPA overall.
  • Accomplish at least one "Bible Reading" credit. **
  • ** RE: BIBLE READING CREDIT: At the close of each year, a credit will be given for "having read the Bible through" in conjunction with the BREAD PROGRAM. All a student has to do is turn in his BREAD BROCHURE indicating its completion. A score of 100% will be given. A student could conceivably accrue four of these during his tenure. The actual reading need not take place during a single year. It may be spread over the entire enrollment if necessary. Just so the entire Bible is read and validated by Pastor’s signature.

POST-GRADUATE TRANSCRIPT UPDATE: Once a student has graduated from CSTI he/she can enroll forever thereafter AT NO COST, monitoring classes. No score changes will result under this policy. If an upgrading of scores is desired, normal enrollment is required.

INSTRUCTOR / STUDENT COMMUNICATION: “Any outside-of-class communication between an instructor and a student, including but not limited to e-mail, must be copied to the student’s pastor. It shall be the responsibility of the student to provide his pastor’s contact information to the instructor.”

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